Meat Talk, Episode 1

by Matt Gross

Welcome to the first episode of Meat Talk!

In this episode we discuss chicken wings, our favorite places to get wings in and around Austin, Texas, sauces, and pretty much everything else involved with the humble yet delicious chicken wing.

What are your favorite wings? What kind of sauce do you like most? Tell us your thoughts in the comments on this post!

One quick note: this is our first episode and, in addition to it being a bit long, we may also have all been sipping a few libations. So, bear with us as we really hone in on our podcasts :)



BBQ Guru PartyQ

There isn’t a long list of products that I’ve purchased that have revolutionized my life. Without a doubt, the BBQ Guru PartyQ is certainly on that list. The PartyQ is, quite simply, a temperature controller. It regulates the cooker temperature by controlling the flow of oxygen to the coals with the use of a small fan. More oxygen, […]

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HouBBQ 2014: A View From The Other Side Of The Table

Last year, I went to the Houston Barbecue Festival as a ticket holder and had a blast. In fact, last year’s HouBBQ was one of the primary motivators for really getting BrisketMan off the ground. This year, however, I went a completely different direction. I wanted to experience the festival from the other side of the table.

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Killen’s Barbecue

Thumbnail image for Killen’s Barbecue

Folks, Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland, TX is one of the best joints in America. There’s no doubt. I’ve been super busy over here in BrisketMan Land and although I haven’t finished my write up I just have to share the awesome pictures I took. So let me walk you through a short photo essay of […]

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House of Cards, Valentine’s Day & Barbecue

Thumbnail image for House of Cards, Valentine’s Day & Barbecue

It’s time for a confession: I love watching binge TV. I don’t love it quite as much as barbecue, but still I adore it. And there is no TV show more binge-worthy than House of Cards. You haven’t heard of House of Cards? It’s a Netflix original show starring Kevin Spacey who plays a member […]

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Win $75 To An Epic Barbecue Joint

Yes, you read it right. Go to a barbecue joint from my Barbecue Tour Guide between 1/17/2014 and 1/26/2014 and you could win $25 $50 $75 to any joint off the list. Robert Strickland, the man behind Come and Brisket, has also chipped in $25. That brings the total purse to $75! Clark Wimberly (@clarklab), fellow barbecue […]

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Essential Barbecue Tours In Austin And Central Texas

Right now, Austin is the center of the barbecue universe. As Texas style cooking becomes more prevalent across the country, folks are looking toward Austin and Central Texas as the example for perfection. Many chefs, connoisseurs and barbecue lovers flock to Austin to take barbecue tours. They arrive with a list in hand and adventure […]

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Siphon Coffee Pot Preparation

Yeah, I know it isn’t barbecue. But coffee preparation is so cool.

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Chili vs Brisket: Why Brisket Should Be The Texas State Dish

It all started with Paul Burka and his chiliphobia. Time to change the Texas State Dish to brisket from chili, he said. Chili is “tasteless mush” and an “obliteration” of flavor, he said. Yes, yes. Texas chili is basically grease and spices. On the other side we have Bud Kennedy putting in his two cents […]

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