It’s All Good Bar-B-Q Trailer

When new barbecue joints open down the street from my house, you know I’m going to be there. A couple of days ago I drove by the food trailers parked at the southwest corner of Live Oak and South 1st (in Austin, of course) and noticed a new truck: It’s All Good Bar-B-Q.

It’s All Good Bar-B-Q has a brick and mortar in Spicewood, TX that’s been open about 8 months. Frankie Hoch, one of the managing partners, was on site today overseeing the new operation and told me they were doing so well in Spicewood they thought they’d try and expand. Apparently, they just had a trailer sitting around, so naturally they brought it to Austin.

Sausage, lean brisket, moist brisket and pork ribs (right to left)
Pork rib. Man, was it tasty!
Lean brisket. Note the fat layer. It was sweet as candy.
Employees at It’s All Good Bar-B-Q.
Inside of the trailer where the meat gets cut.

Unlike the opening of joints like John Mueller Meat Co, It’s All Good Bar-B-Q was far more subdued. However, one Spicewood resident who works near the new trailer, was in line and was raving about the place. Fans are always a good sign.

I placed my typical order, but just a tad more since this would be the only barbecue I eat all day. Two slices of lean, two slices of moist, two pork ribs and a piece of sausage. I got my order to go and drove the almost half mile back as quickly as possible so I could eat it fresh.

I started with the moist brisket. It had a ton of smoke and I loved that about it. However, I didn’t care for the texture that much. It was maybe just a bit chewy for my palate.

Next was the lean. Folks, the lean was awesome. It had just enough moisture content, excellent smoke and a really fantastic flavor. But, what really set this lean apart was the layer of fat across the top that was sweet as candy. The fat had basically turned into sweet beef gelatin. It was great.

Next up was the sausage. I took a big ol’ bite and the casing snapped like Bobby Knight. I prefer my sausage to have a little finer grind, but this was still very good. The smoke level was just right and the black pepper was spot on.

Finally, the pork rib was up and folks, it was lookin’ great. My first bite was of the meat around the bone. It separated effortlessly from the bone but still stayed attached under its own weight. The meat was soft and smokey; the bark peppery and right at the perfect jerky/meat threshold.

But, what really mattered was the meat at the other end of the rib. Moist joints have perfect meat around the bone and the tip is chewy. Not so with this rib. It was a nearly perfect texture. In fact, it was so good I ate both ribs in about 60 seconds. My wife was appalled. So was I.

I left with some sauce, but I’m just not much of a sauce eater. I did sample the sweet sauce (Frankie told me it pairs well with the pulled pork) on a bit of pork rib. It had a little heat kick to it that I enjoyed. However, I prefer to let the meat do the talkin’.

Overall, I think It’s All Good Bar-B-Q is a very solid BBQ joint. Everyone should definitely give them a try. If you’re like me, it will probably inspire you to visit their main location in Spicewood. I’m sure I’ll be seeing Frankie again very soon.

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    Virginia says:

    Howdy there, Brisket Man! Glad to hear you enjoyed the It’s All Good experience, especially that pork rib. I am normally no fan of that old BBQ standby, but Frankie once gave me one to try and I couldn’t believe how it melted in my mouth. I’ve had to add at least half a rack to my regular It’s All Good order ever since.

    Hope to see you again in line at the trailer sometime, and really hope you make it out some weekend to the Spicewood joint. When you do, call ahead to make sure you don’t miss the beef short rib. Email me, and I’ll come help–they’re huge, too tender to stay on the bone, and almost too much for one man (even a Brisket Man) to handle. As a serious connoisseur of beef ribs from way back, I can say with confidence there’s none better in Texas.

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