Two Bros. BBQ Market

Let me tell you about the last time I was in San Antonio.

It was 2002 and I was on my way from Kentucky to a camp way out in BFE Texas to meet some folks who, like myself, would be attending Texas Tech. I stopped in San Antonio with my mom and brother, saw the Alamo and ate a Whataburger. That’s it. That’s all the San Antonio experience I have in my whole life.

Luckily, I recently had to take my wife to the airport in San Antonio and had the opportunity to eat at a few different restaurants.

What I found shocked me.

My first stop, and the real subject of this article, was Two Bros BBQ Market.

Just a few minutes from the airport, this wonderful barbecue oasis is the mastermind of Jason Dady, a San Antonio restauranteur and brilliant chef. Knowing that the owner is successful leads one to have very high expectations. Did Two Bros meet said expectations?

Hell. Yes.

The interior of Two Bros is respectfully simple. It truly is a BBQ joint. Order at the front, they call your name, you get your pickles, onions and sauce.

My order on this day was slightly modified from my traditional Holy Trinity. I went with a (monstrous) slice of moist brisket, a pork spare rib and a couple of cherry glazed baby backs.

I have to say this again: my slice of moist brisket was enormous. And delicious. Smoke and tenderness just as I desire, gorgeous black pepper crust and well rendered fat. Truly a cut above most other brisket.

My cherry glazed baby backs were flavorful and the meat easily departed from the bone. My only complaint there was that they were just a bit dry, but honestly that can happen quite easily when they are cut from rack. What I’m saying is I doubt very seriously this was a product of cooking.

The pork spare rib, on the other hand, was moist and flavorful and cooked perfectly. To say it simply: I destroyed it.

I also really enjoyed the spicy sauce at Two Bros. I almost never get sauce but I can’t turn down spicy anything. I finished my meal by finger shoveling spicy sauce into my mouth. Thankfully, at barbecue joints in Texas this behavior is expected.

Brisket, pork rib and cherry glazed baby backs
Brisket, pork rib and cherry glazed baby backs

2 thoughts on “Two Bros. BBQ Market”

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    jacob says:

    did you go to Red Raider Camp in Junction in 2002? So did I. Better question, why did you not eat at Lums in Junction for BBQ on that trip???

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      Matt Gross says:

      I did! At that point in time my barbecue awareness was basically 0. I had never had any form of smoked beef. Only tasteless pulled pork and baby backs…

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