Goldis Sausage Co.

You won’t find brisket or pork ribs at Goldis Sausage Co, but you will find some of the finest sausages you have ever put in your mouth.

Keenan Goldis, owner and chief sausage scientist, operates this trailer behind Crow Bar on South Congress. Somehow it managed to slip by my radar even though I live right down the road. Well, I’m about to make up for all that missed time.

According to Goldis, he has 22 rotating sausage recipes and he’s always coming up with new and more exciting recipes. I tasted a curry banana sausage on my second visit and, honestly, my mind was blown.

I have had the pleasure of tasting 4 sausages (excluding the curry banana which was a spec).

My favorite so far was the honey-orange-mango. It had chunks of fruit and was like a fruit salad with pork. Aka “a good fruit salad”. Paired with some house made ginger mustard, this sausage was an absolute delight to eat.

The chorizo verde was tasty blend of poblanos, tomatillos, pepitas, and Aleppo chiles. It had just a slight spice and and perfect pork flavor. I chose the spicy jerk mustard for this sausage and I was extremely pleased.

The Goldis Sausage is a beef & pork product with chunks (really good size chunks) of garlic, mustard seed, caraway and peppercorn. It is more of a traditional sausage but still packs an astonishing amount of flavor. I went with the root beer mustard for this one. I think the sweetness complemented it very well.

Last but not least is the most interesting thing on the menu: mac & cheese sausage. Yes, that’s right. Macaroni, cheese and a bit of pepperoni. In a sausage casing. Grilled to a perfect crisp. It was fantastic. To some extent revolutionary. I chose the curry barbecue sauce for dipping, which turned out to be my favorite sauce by far.

The sides at Goldis are also noteworthy. Roasted sweet potatoes are soft, warm and perfectly seasoned. An excellent complement to the sweet potatoes is the cold, crisp vinegar slaw with beet juice and mint leaves.

Finally, imagine a rice crispy treat, except take out the marshmallow, replace it with peanut butter, and add a thick layer of chocolate. That’s a “scotcheroo”. Dense, flavorful and absolutely worth a try.

In case you’re wondering, I literally ate everything on the menu at Goldis and I will do it again. In fact, you can’t say you know anything about sausage in Austin until you’ve had Goldis. It will blow your mind, just like mine.

Literally everything on the menu. All incredible.
Literally everything on the menu. All incredible.
Mac & cheese sausage. Pic take at night, so don't hate.
Mac & cheese sausage. Pic take at night, so don’t hate.
Sauces of the night. My favorite is the curry barbecue.
Sauces of the night. My favorite is the curry barbecue.
Menu and sign.
Menu and sign.

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